Eligible: Students whose research has implication for making the world a safer place by improving decision-making skills of people.
Requirement: Submission of a 1000-1200 words essay by the deadline.
Deadline: November 16, 2019.
Prize: 1st place= 1000 Euro, 2nd place= 500 Euro.
Other: Publication of research and interview by TFI.


In line with the mission and vision of the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics (SABE) and in collaboration with the Think Forward Initiative (TFI) a student essay award is initiated to promote the engagement of advanced students in societal enhancement activities, and to disseminate their relevant research at its early stages to the society. This SABE-TFI award intends to encourage junior researchers to write a short IMPACT ESSAY of 1,000-1,200 words based on their academic research that is accessible to general public, and to help them promote their work beyond academia.

Who is TFI?

TFI is a multidisciplinary and open initiative that promotes impact-driven and interdisciplinary research and practical solutions with the ambitious goal of empowering more than 100 million people to make better financial decisions that improve their financial health and well-being. TFI is supported by a purpose-driven partnership between ING, the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), Deloitte, Amazon Web Services, and Dell Technologies.


  • Focus on the potential and practical implications of your academic research.
  • Highlight one of these two potentials of your research results: (1) those that inspire behavioral change in individuals or households in any area that could improve people’s financial decision-making and well-being, or (2) those that benefit or influence society by fostering effective interventions, evidence-based policy making, and social or economic innovation.
  • Your essay should read like a research-evidence-based contribution to the broad policy or practitioners debate on some issue. It should not read like a technical summary of the research papers. The level of rigor would be above a newspaper opinion piece but much more accessible than an academic journal article.
  • The research paper(s) the essay is based on need not be single author paper(s).


  • Submit your essay to ImpactEssayAward@sabeconomics.org with “Subject: SABE-TFI 2019 Impact Essay Submission”
  • A committee of SABE and TFI members will evaluate submitted essays.
  • Winners are announced on December 19, 2019.
  • Winners’ essays will be published and promoted by TFI and the authors will be provided editing support for such publication.
  • A short interview with the winners will be also conducted and propagated by TFI.

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