SABE uses different mailing lists in form of Google Groups to organize the communication within the SABE community. Please find more details of each of the three Google Groups below.

Please note that you need a Google account to sign up for each of the Google Groups. In very rare and special cases, it is possible to sign you up with your academic email address. For this purpose, you need to write an explanatory statement to We then will decide whether subscribing the lists with your alternative email address will be possible.
​Please note that you can only sign up to our communication systems if you are an active SABE member. To initiate or renew your membership please go to our membership website.

​If you are interested in receiving public announcements or general SABE news targeted for the public, please subscribe to our public mailing list. Subscribing the public list does not require a SABE membership.

Google Group From SABE:

This group will primarily be used to inform you about any SABE affairs, including announcements about upcoming SABE conferences, board elections, workshop proposals and other related news.

Google Group SABE 2 SABE:

You can use this group to send announcements to the SABE community like job positions (for Ph.D. students, postdocs, etc.), workshops, conferences, call for papers etc. This mailing list is moderated by Maximo Rossi, but we will make sure that your email will be distributed as quickly as possible.

Send your announcements to: