Dear colleagues,

The SABE2020 Conference scheduled on July 22-26, 2020 in Moscow, Russia shall take place online, at the previously announced dates.

Global pandemic of COVID-19 and subsequent closure of international borders made it impossible to host a face-to-face conference this Summer. In order to maintain continuity of academic life, the conference will be held during the specified dates using zoom or other comparable providers.  Only the registered conference participants will be provided with the information about how to join each session online. Online format offers more opportunities to bring together researchers who might not be able to attend it in person. To open this possibility, we thereby announce a second call for proposals for online SABE conference, available to those colleagues who were unable or did not plan to come to Moscow, but may want to join us online. Submissions for online conference (full papers or extended abstracts 1 to 2 pages) are welcomed until May 23, 2020 via the main conference website,, and shall be subject to the usual peer review. Authors of accepted papers shall be notified in written before June 1, 2020.

Conference Specifics

1. Session on COVID-19

Due to large social interest and importance of the topic, the conference will feature special session(s) on COViD-19. Papers devoted to behavioral responses to pandemic – including behavioural impacts from heuristics, biases, social influences and emotions; ‘nudging’ policies; determinants of contagion: behavioural data patterns and quality, health and wellbeing policies, quarantine policy responses and their effects, differences in national strategies and other related issues are welcomed.

2. Conference schedule

The SABE2020 is a global conference, which raises the issue of time differences between locations of different speakers. Sessions shall be planned in a way that suit most speakers and potential session attendees – e.g. in the afternoon of Central European Time if the speakers are from Europe, or Eastern Time if they are from the US. Participation with pre-recorded presentation shall also be available for the speakers’ convenience.

3. Online access

Online access to conference sessions, with all necessary links and credentials, shall be available to all registered participants. Interested people who want to join the conference as non-presenting participants could get the same access upon registration on the conference website.
Conference speakers and participants are supposed and expected to answer and ask questions during and after the session.

4. Conference fees

The fact that the conference is online implies large reduction of the conference costs. However, SABE activities are not suspended: we continue supporting workshops in behavioral and experimental economics, student prizes and carry other expenses. Conference fee as usual, includes SABE membership fee to cover these expenses, honoraria to the keynote speakers and modest overhead, amounting together to $60.

At the same time, some members of the community might find it challenging to pay this amount. This would apply to participants from low-income countries and students.

Acknowledging these difficulties, the 2020 SABE conference provides an opportunity to receive a conference fee waiver:

  1. Participants from low-income countries whose research budgets were cut or eliminated can receive a fee waiver. Once registration opens, instructions will be provided for applying for a waiver.
  2. Registration fees for students will be waived if such student can provide documentation confirming their student status.

Further notes

The SABE-TFI Impact Essay Award for students will continue this year to accept essays for competition. Requirements will be on SABE website, like the previous round. This year, work that provide solution to financial issues related to the pandemic, or in general to disaster relief will be highly desirable.


With best and healthy wishes,
Alexis Belianin on behalf of the conference organizers and the SABE Executive Committee

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