Dear SABE members,

We are pleased to announce the call for nominees to serve on the SABE Advisory Board (henceforth the Board) for the 2020-2024 term.

SABE is a member-driven organization that relies on the participation of its members to fulfill the organization’s mission. Together with the Executive Committee, the Board is responsible for guiding and directing the affairs of the Society. By serving as a Board member, you provide valuable help in advising, discussing and approving major organizational decisions. The according debates over all proposals that ask the opinion and/or the approval of the Board usually take place online via email.

Board Membership and Terms:

  • 9 positions for Board membership open for the term 2020-2024
  • Board members’ term of service is four years, commencing on Dec 20, 2020
  • Board members are expected to be active SABE members by the time of appointment and committed to SABE’s mission, vision and values (which are documented in the SABE Bylaws)

Nomination Process:

As a SABE member, you are encouraged to submit a nomination for a colleague or for yourself.

  • Please send
    • an updated copy of your/the nominee’s curriculum vitae (CV),
    • a short biography,
    • a short paragraph of motivation of your/the nominee’s vision to serve SABE and
    • a photo to
  • Self-nominations are encouraged
  • The Nomination Process closes on December 1, 2020 (UTC-8, Pacific Standard Time, 23:59h)

Review Process:

Nominated candidates will be announced on SABE’s website, and copies of the nominee’s biographies, vision statement and photo posted online.

Voting Process:

SABE Members are encouraged to cast their vote from December 3 through December 17, 2020 (UTC-8, Pacific Standard Time, 23:59h) on SABE’s website. A separate email with detailed instructions will be sent through SABE’s communication channels in due course. SABE Members who paid the regular membership fee in this or the former year, or participated at the IAREP/SABE conference in Dublin (2019) and/or the SABE online conference in Moscow (2020) are eligible to vote. The new Board will be formally announced via email no later than December 20, 2020.

The Board plays a key role in the governance of the Society, so thank you for considering a self-nomination or a nomination for a colleague. If you have any queries regarding the Board Membership and/or the nomination process please contact