Call for organizing a IAREP/SABE Summer School on Behavioral Economics and Economic Psychology

IAREP and SABE dedicate up to 6,000 Euro to sponsor a joint Summer School, to take place in 2018. Instructors in the Summer School should strike a fair balance between economists and psychologists. The Summer School typically hosts about 20 PhD students and early-career faculty, also about equally divided between the two disciplines. The Summer School is expected to cover one week of instruction and to be scheduled during summer months. We encourage applicants to apply for matching funding from other sources.

IAREP or SABE members who are interested in organizing a Summer School are requested to submit their proposal to Behnud Mir Djawadi ( and Cäzilia Loibl ( by December 20, 2017. Both organizations will then evaluate any proposals received.

Please include in your proposal:
* Title of Summer School
* Names of organizers
* Location and dates of Summer School
* Target audience and how it will be recruited
* Learning objectives and outline of content to be taught
* Names of presenters
* Amount requested
* Sources and amounts of matching funds

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