This award is established to promote socially applicable results emanating from students’ research. We are grateful to all students who took the time to translate their findings into an accessible essay for this purpose, a trend that this award aims at expanding early on along the academic career path.

It is with pleasure that we announce those submissions that are chosen to be recognized for 2019:

HONORABLE MENTION for laudable conduct of research:
Mesfin G. Genie, To wait or not to wait: Preference heterogeneity in kidney transplantation

SECOND PLACE for tackling sensitive large-scale topics:
Domenica Romeo, Assessing relational coordination in the health sector: an experimental approach
Feidhlim McGowan, “Why accumulation bias matters for financial decision making?

FIRST PLACE for relatable focus on financial wellbeing
Rolando Gonzalez Martinez, Enhancing well-being at the bottom-of-the-pyramid with Nano-finance plus

Congratulations to award recipients from the evaluation committee,

Gerrit Antonides, Ian Bright, Pete Lunn, and Shabnam Mousavi.

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