Dear SABE Member,

the results of the 2020 SABE Board Election are as follows:

President-Elect (2020-2022):
Alexis Belianin was elected for President-Elect

SABE Advisory Board (2020-2024):
Based on the number of votes the following nine candidates were elected to start/continue serving as Board members for the next four years (in alphabetical order):

  • Chad Baum
  • Michele Belot
  • Michela Chessa
  • Antonio Espin
  • Christina Gravert
  • Lionel Page
  • Abhijit Ramalingam
  • Tobias Rötheli
  • Jie Zheng

On behalf of SABE, congratulations to Alexis Belianin as new President-Elect, and congratulations to the winning candidates of the election to serve on the SABE Advisory Board for the next four years.

We are grateful to all candidates for their nomination in this year’s Board membership election.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

Best Regards,

Behnud on behalf of the Executive Committee