Workshop “The Future of Ownership Research”

7th – 8th July 2017  –  Vienna University of Economics and Business

Call for travel scholarships available here

Ownership is a concept that is fundamentally linked to almost all transactions in our society. Every economic transaction also involves a transfer of ownership.

It is therefore no surprise that a plethora of disciplines has investigated the phenomenon, its psychological underpinnings, and its consequences.

Topics covered range from endowment effects to psychological ownership in employment contexts and feelings of ownership instigated by marketing measures. What unites these different streams of literature is that they converge on the pivotal role of ownership in shaping behaviour.

That is why we, Bernadette Kamleitner and Monika Koller (both m.core, WU Vienna) together with Stephan Dickert (Queen Mary University of London) and Joann Peck (University of Wisconsin-Madison), are organizing a small-group workshop on (psychological) ownership.

We aim to bring together researchers with different disciplinary backgrounds to facilitate a fruitful discourse on the phenomenon, its variants, its antecedents and its consequences. The goal is to jointly move towards a much-needed unified theory of ownership and to shape the future of ownership research.

Participation will mainly be limited to invited participants. There will however be a few places for in particular early-career scholars. Those interested should send an e-mail to Bernadette Kamleitner.


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