• June 25, 2017

SABE sessions at the WEAI Annual Conference 2017

The Society for the Advancement of Behavior Economics (SABE) has organized 17 sessions at the 2017 Western Economic Association International (WEAI) Annual Conference (the conference will be in San Diego, CA from June 25 to 29, 2017). Dr. John Ifcher is the SABE representative for WEAI.

The purpose of the SABE sessions at the WEAI conference is to help raise the profile of behavioral economics at the conference and to provide an opportunity for behavioral economists at the conference to meet and network.

The scholars presenting at the SABE sessions come from institutions across the U.S. as well as from institutions across the globe. The sessions include a wide range of topics of interest to behavioral economists (see below). For details regarding the sessions including presenters and paper titles click here. We hope you see you at one of the SABE sessions!

  • Health Care and Happiness
  • Time, Risk, and Ambiguity Preferences
  • Field Experiments in Microfinance, Charitable Giving and Education
  • Public Goods, Cooperation and Time Preferences
  • Public Policy Through the Lens of Behavioral Economics
  • The Behavioral Revolution
  • Uncertainty, Reputation, and Enforcement Mechanism
  • Labor Markets: Unemployment, Discrimination, and Wage Distributions
  • Gender, Labor Markets, and Boards
  • Markets: Stocks and Bonds
  • Groups, Committees, Political Bodies, and Decisions for Others
  • Behavioral Theory and Environmental Economics
  • Cooperation, Punishment, Free Riding, and Mood
  • Ambiguity, Mental Accounts, Morals, and Crime
  • Over-qualification, Ability and Motivation, Price Discrimination, and Retirement

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